Find out how you can have a happy love life

Oops, you are going out with someone in the hopes of getting married, or you are already married, you need to be able to identify the gist of the relationship as well as what you are supposed to do to make the relationship work out as a happy love life.

First, you need to ask the following questions?

What is my husband’s position to take advantage of me?

How much do I give to make this relationship healthy?

In betrothal or marriage, each partner must give his true commitment to the other; He should seek to discover his values, goals, fears, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Love is a commitment and commitment is a responsibility.

It is worth noting critically that a marriage relationship will never work out because you both came together as couples. To ensure success in your desire for a happy love life, responsibilities must be taken to build the relationship.

A true commitment assumes responsibilities by striving to develop the spouse spiritually, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and socially. True commitment seeks to satisfy both the personal and mutual needs of developing a loving relationship, for love increases in intensity when it is nourished by individual as well as mutual commitment of the spouses involved.

There must be sharing and caring for each other, i.e. giving of oneself (what you are) and what you have to meet the other’s needs. Mutual contributions to marital life, whose starting point is the courtship or dating period, strengthen the bonds of love between a man and a woman.

Neither of them should realize what they can gain, for love is selfless; Rather, what it can offer is to promote love, peace and harmony. True love is sacrificial. Giving is more profitable than receiving. Giving true love in word and deed to your partner makes you more blessed with love, peace and security. There will be peace in your heart and mind. This love will be shared. Give it first, and then it will return to your heart.

Someone once remarked, “What a man (husband) or woman (wife) wants most of all is to be loved by you. Success in our marriage begins with us becoming the seed of the love and care we desire. Our partner. A man who loves and cares for his wife will always get on the best of his wife.โ€ how?

Basically, a principle in a love relationship is for the man to love while it is for the woman to respond to love. This is a normal marital phenomenon that should be in every marriage relationship. If either partner fails to fulfill their part, the marriage will fail.

Therefore, in any relationship where this principle is broken, there will be a disintegration of companionship and friendship due to the resulting quarrels that may eventually lead to termination of engagement or divorce if the two are married. This is what every couple should avoid.

As mentioned earlier, it takes both partners to make a successful marriage work. It should be noted that for this principle to work in any marital relationship, it is necessary for each partner to know the true and essential meanings and values โ€‹โ€‹of that thing called love From all aspects! Our rewards in marriage are determined by our love and care for one another. The health of the relationship is an indicator Characters put in it.

At this juncture, it is worth mentioning that during the courtship period, both of you should strive to balance differences, deal with your personal weaknesses that may destroy the relationship, and develop an effective marriage plan that will help build a home. your dream. Nothing works without proper planning and preparation. This is a sure way to a happy love life.

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