Life and death priorities

Planet Earth did not happen by accident, and God did not create this wonderful sphere through a great chaotic explosion in the universe. On the contrary, Genesis outlines God’s intricate fabrication of our planet and all that is and is on it, through a carefully planned and detailed arrangement of design.

And where there is order, there must also be priorities.

God was working with a definite intention, preparing a place to carry out the greatest story of all. Planet Earth was preparing to show his glory and teach his creatures about the benefits and blessings of a relationship with him.

The word “prepare” means prepare, arrange, organize, plan, prepare, practice, and arrange.

“Let everything be decent and in order.” (1 Corinthians 14:40)

Willingness is the hallmark of God, the important quality of personality that defines his nature. He is a God of order and He has counseled us to follow His example.

“In You, O Lord, I trust: never be disturbed.” (Psalm 71:1)

The contrast of order is confusion and in the Bible, confusion is always presented in a negative light describing it as a sin or something to be avoided.

The priorities of life and death, as determined by our Creator, have more to do with our survival than the complex choices of time management we hear a lot about today.

Unless our priorities are in alignment with God’s set priorities for our lives, we may be going in the wrong direction and not even realizing it. Taking the wrong path on this journey we call “life” may cost us our physical lives, but it may also cost us something more valuable – our eternal life.

Whether or not we believe in God at this point in time, we are powerless to stop the devastating consequences that await us at the end of the wrong path.

Chaos does not produce order. Chaos begets more chaos and in the midst of chaos, evil thrives. Satan is committed to our demise and understands the power of priorities. So he works to hide the value of the system, becoming the author of confusion, fragmented thinking, and reckless and impulsive actions.

However, everything in life testifies that order comes from the mind of God and plays an essential role in accessing, nurturing and developing all that is created. Where would we be without the organized systems found in biology, botany, mathematics, physics, computer technologies, art, music, language, and even the simple alphabet-based file system?

Somehow we all know in our hearts, when our priorities are not in order. In the end, the consequences of chaos catch up with us. The sad news is that we have learned how to silence our hearts and tune in to God’s voice in order to keep up with the order of this world. Many of us have substituted divine order for human, believing that somehow chaos, multitasking, and burning the candle at both ends is the path to success.

There is only one way we can safely stop the mad chaos and get off the sinking ship that is being tossed to and fro in the stormy sea of ​​life.

We simply have to realign our priorities with God’s Word. This is a life or death decision and the most important decision we will ever make.

How can the book called “The Bible” and “The Word of God” transform a chaotic life into a life facilitated by balance and order?

We must first understand that the Word of God is the voice of God, and that God actually dwells in His voice.

“The voice of the Lord is upon the waters… The Lord is upon many waters.” (Psalm 29:3)

“The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness. The Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.” (Psalm 29:8)

These verses contain more than poetic symbolism. It reveals the truth of creation and is verified in Genesis where we are told that the world was created when “God said…” or by the power of His word and voice.

By searching for all the words in the Bible that refer to the power found in God’s Word, it becomes clear that God wants humans to know about the wondrous power that lies in His Word.

Our brain is designed to be influenced by the Word of God and to be completely attuned to it. When we hear and read the Word, it can set our minds to focus and follow the thoughts of the Creator. These are ideas based on all that is good, wise, and beneficial to each dimension of our life ideas based on the intended order and preservation of all that created it. He knows how His creation works best and He wants to pass this knowledge on to us.

While this process is based on the content of what we find in the Bible, we also benefit from the job we must engage in, in order to access God’s wisdom and Spirit when we read and hear His Word.

The Bible is not like any other book on the shelf.

The true God of the Bible desires to communicate with his people through his word, just as we communicate and reveal our thoughts and true nature with those we love, through the words we speak and write.

God created our minds to flow in perfect thought patterns through the electrical impulses in the brain. Since we are born, our brain learns and masters all the different thinking techniques.

Most of the time, the brain is just flooded with a random thought, but it must also learn to intentionally form thoughts, retain one idea and interfere with another, as well as review thoughts and connect a chain of related thoughts. This is also how we construct our basic spiritual and mental frames of reference.

The Word of God tells us that our priority is the Word of God. What God says should have a prominent place in our lives. When this happens, our heart and mind align with God’s heart and mind and as we hear and follow His voice, He will reveal the specific priorities He has set for each dimension of our lives.

This is the only way to true success, peace, order and abundant life.

And this is emphasized by Jesus, the Living Word, when he says, “…the words that I speak to you, are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63)

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