“Now that you’re rich, let’s fall in love” by Dorjoy Datta and Manvi Ahuja – Love, Ambition and Money

A sweet, simple story about four friends who are brought together by fate when they join the most sought after finance company in the same batch. The story of young people’s dreams, aspirations, love, money, heartbreak, rejection, deceit and friendship. A story that could be yours, which could be my story well but with a twist.

Abhijita hardworking nerd, comes from a middle-class family, studies well and gets picked by Silverman Finance, all he dreams about is to have a rich lifestyle and never have to worry about money again in life. Shruti She works hard and studies hard, she is oppressed by her parents and only dreams of getting a job so she can escape being married to a divorcee and being beaten by her family and in-laws. I managed to land a job at Silverman Finance!

Sourav, IITian is a spoiled rich brat, to him money doesn’t matter but having a job on his own at Silverman Finance does! His goal in life is to enjoy it, he doesn’t know what it is like to manage on a limited budget or dream less. Garima In love but her boyfriend cheats on her life. She is devastated so she decides to move away from Delhi, away from everything that might remind her of her boyfriend or the pain she is going through. I started drinking and smoking in college. She is very good at studies and got a job at Silverman Finance.

These four join Silverman Finance on the same day and soon realize life is never easy at this company that believes in getting them to work the hours on end, in the face of stiff competition, and on top of it all there are office politics and demanding bosses. Just one thing. Life here is miserable. These four quickly become friends and stick together in the company. As things change, they find themselves falling in love, drifting apart as friends, fighting over an ex-girlfriend, fighting over sleeping with bosses and so on. Things change for these four best friends.

Will they get back together? Will their dreams come true or will they give up on their dreams? will Abhijit Being able to forget his past and hold on to it Garima? will Shruti Will she be able to find herself a rich boyfriend so she won’t have to move back into her parents’ house and marry the divorcée they’ve chosen for her? will Garima Will she be able to move beyond her past and move forward in life? What is the role? deb And Avantika play into their friendship? Lots of questions and they’re all answered in the nick of time of the story, which is good, pretty much pulling in different places.

A simple read, it won’t take much time, and at first it’s a smooth sail until things start to run wild and get a little intense. But overall a good read.

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