The strength to live a full life

Everyone wants to be fulfilled in life. Everyone wants to make it. A life without fulfillment is just a wasted life. It can mean the achievement of many things. It means self-realization, dreaming about reality, or reaching a goal or purpose in life. means achieving something desirable; To do what is necessary to achieve or accomplish something expected, desired, or promised. It can also refer to “complete,” i.e. doing what is necessary to complete or finish something. All this means achieving ambitions, that is, feeling good about what you are doing, fulfilling your expectations or ambitions. God wants our lives and dreams to come true.

Thus, anyone who desires to achieve it in life must have the strength or motivation to do the following:

1. You must have the power to say no to the perverted basis of life and any form of curses. Your power to say no will help you reach your potential. Be dissatisfied with your current stage in life – your level of poverty, your poor attachment, your miserable home, etc. Take a step for change.

2. You must have the ability to say no to sins – their forms and manifestations. Say no to sins and rule forever.

3. You must have the ability to say no to worldly pleasures/good things that will not get you fulfilled. Not all glitter is gold.

4. You must have the strength to say no to dream killers or evil doers. You have power over them.

Apart from that, you must develop the three (3) basic lives:

1. Physical life force – education, hard work, integrity, concentration, modesty in clothing, etc.

2. Moral life force – to speak, to obey, to listen to correction, to learn lessons from people and situations, not to mix with corrupt people, etc.

3. Spiritual life force – praying, praying to God, reading His Word, etc. Always seek God, be submissive, etc.

The 7 DISCs to living a full life include:

1. desire – desire: desire, passion, longing for something. Think about what you want to become and how you can become one.

2. Decide – choose what you want to do; Make a choice or come to a conclusion about something, that is, what you want to become. This is all about finalizing how the entire plan will be implemented.

3. Dedicate – devote attention to something. to spend time or energy doing something; Commit yourself to something you want to become. Put this aside specially. This means that you must make all your efforts for this,

4. Demand – means to ask for something firmly in such a way that it is difficult to ignore or refuse. This means that you must ask God firmly and firmly. Ask for God’s support.

5. Intent – means constancy of purpose, decision on a course of action. This means that despite problems or setbacks, you must move forward! There is only a thin wall between success and failure, and the only sled that can tear it down is determination.

6. Decree – It is a divine will religion. God’s will or purpose, explained by events considered to be God’s doing. It means to issue an order, declaration or legal judgment to influence something. You must have the authority to issue commands to say “I’m not going back”, “This is what I’m going to become”, etc.

7. Discipline – This means order and control. It also means calm, controlled behavior; The ability to act in a controlled and calm manner even in difficult or stressful situations, and to have conscious control over one’s lifestyle. It is a mental self-control used to direct or change behavior, to learn something, or to train for something. You must discipline yourself with some principles of life. It is your ability to monitor yourself.

In general, you can lead a fulfilling life if these things are carefully considered and applied to your life and daily life.

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